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Celebrating Women's History Month

As March marks the celebration of Women's History Month, it is important to recognize and honor the incredible contributions that women have made throughout history. From trailblazers and pioneers to activists and leaders, women have played an integral role in shaping our society. And what better way to celebrate these achievements than with a glass of Vie De Rêve Sparkling Wine.

At Vie De Rêve, we believe that every woman deserves to be celebrated and empowered. As a brand, we are proud to not only support but also highlight the achievements of women around the world. From our female-led marketing team to our partnerships with women-owned businesses, we are committed to uplifting and amplifying the voices of women.

In honor of Women's History Month, we would love to raise a toast to some remarkable women in the wine and spirits industry:

  • MaryAnn Graf - First Female Winemaker in California

    • In 1973, MaryAnn made history by becoming the first female winemaker in California. She faced many challenges and stereotypes in a male-dominated industry but persevered and became an influential figure in Napa Valley's wine scene. Her legacy continues to inspire women in the wine industry.

  • Fawn Weaver - Founder of Uncle Nearest Whiskey

    • After discovering the story of Nathan "Nearest" Green, a former slave and master distiller who taught Jack Daniels how to make whiskey, Fawn Weaver was determined to bring his legacy to light. In 2017, she founded Uncle Nearest Whiskey, the first African-American owned and operated spirit brand in the United States. She not only created a successful business but also honored a forgotten pioneer in the spirits industry.

  • Elizabeth Galindo - First Female Master Tequila Distiller

    • In Mexico's male-dominated tequila industry, Elizabeth Galindo broke barriers by becoming the first female master distiller at Casa San Matias. Her knowledge and expertise have helped elevate the quality of their tequila production and have paved the way for more women to enter the industry. Galindo's dedication to her craft and determination to break gender stereotypes make her an inspiring figure in the spirits world.

These are just a few examples of trailblazing women in the spirits industry, but countless others have made their mark and continue to do so. From distillers and winemakers to brand owners and mixologists, women are making significant contributions to the world of spirits.

Let's raise a glass to all women in the spirits industry, past and present, who have defied expectations and challenged norms. Their passion, creativity, and hard work are not only changing the face of the industry but also inspiring future generations to follow their dreams.

This Women's History Month , let's celebrate the women who have shaken up the spirits industry and continue to pave the way for a more inclusive and diverse future.


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